Why are First Days so Hard?!

I know, I know, everyone else already posted and tweeted and Facebooked about their kids’ first days of school.  Our district didn’t start until today, though, which makes me look ORIGINAL.  I’m not.

After a summer of waking up whenever,* planning beach dates and field trips around Leo’s schedule, staying out late to eat up every last ray of sun at parks, then stopping for ice cream when the kids should have been in bed an hour ago, the thought of getting up and putting on clothes that are not swim trunks and packing a lunch that does not largely consist of Capri Sun and Cheetos and trying to find a comb because surely we must own a comb—all that seems like work. 

I didn’t want Kevin to leave me this morning. I followed him around, wondering aloud: What if I miss the bus with the kids?  What about Leo’s two-hour morning nap?  What if Vincenzo’s lunch isn’t big enough?  Or his new jeans aren’t cool enough?  What if he notices that everyone else got the same shoes as him?  What if he gets abducted?  What if his best friend finds a new best friend this year?  What if I don’t take the perfect picture of his first day?  What lens should I use?  What if I can’t decide which lens to use?!  What if I forget to lock the house on the way to the bus and someone comes in and steals all our Ikea furniture and Hot Wheels tracks?  What if I want to have another baaaayyy-beeeee?!

Kevin left somewhere in the middle of all that, mentioning that in Syria a mother was probably hearing this and weeping real tears.  (I assumed he meant for me.)

Then the kids woke up and I had to be all, “Yay!  School!  I’m so excited for you and not at all neurotic about it!”




And no, none of these is the perfect shot but at least no one stole the Hot Wheels tracks.


*”Whenever” happened to be no later than 6:30, but still.  It was our 6:30


2 thoughts on “Why are First Days so Hard?!

  1. I can think of at least six things you forgot to question. Next time I will send you a checklist. Because if his new teacher doesn’t like him, and you didn’t even consider that as a possibility, it’s going to suck so much more if it comes true.

    (Impossible, by the way… I haven’t even met him, and he’s one of my favorite Not My Kids)

  2. I think both of those pictures are great shots of your first grader! I laughed at your “Baaaayyyy beeeee”! You crack me up!!

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