Vacation Photo Fails

It’s hard to take pictures when you have three kids.  I see 100 beautiful photo ops over the course of a weekend but miss them all because I don’t want to spend so much time behind the camera that the kids start thinking of me as a hired photographer and walk around aimlessly, asking everyone, “What happened to Mommy?”  So all I end up with are a few shots that kind of miss the point, but at least I showed up.

This week we spent a few days in Seaside, which is pretty much Jersey Shore for kids.  I would love to have pictures of Grammy burning marshmallows at the campfire, the boys snuggling in bed together watching a movie, Shirtless Guy cruising the strip, my nephews diving into the freezing ocean, and the kids accepting candy from a creepy guy on a street corner, Instead, here’s what I got:

Vincenzo really has a beautiful face but he doesn’t really know how to pose for pictures.  When you tell him to look at the camera, first he does this weird, shifty-eyed thing and then when you say, “No, at the camera,” you get this:


Sarcastically literal.

Or if you say, “Smile!” you get this:


Fortunately, I know just how to turn that frown upside-down:


As for Rocco, you just can’t get him to do anything you ask him to do, and he’s always looking down.  So you tell him there’s an airplane in the sky and you get this:


And for an encore, this:


The thing he was nearly peeing his pants about this weekend was riding the train, so we put him on one the first chance we got.  Behold his look of uncontained joy:


Think I’m making it up?  Here he is on his third lap:



The next time I try to get a picture of my boys, instead of saying, “Smile!” I’m going to say either, “Smolder!” or, “Look down!”  Then at least I’ll have the satisfaction of having my kids do exactly what I ask them to.


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