Kangaroo Farm!

Check it off the summer list.  We done it!  Excuse the lack of pictures of kangaroos; it’s hard to take pictures while carrying around a 6-month-old, so my shots were fairly hodge-podge.


Here are the boys, showing how old they are:


Here’s Rocco, looking for a treat.


(Just kidding; that’s an actual donkey.)

Mama kangaroo with baby roo:


Vincenzo with baby roo:


Vincenzo photobombing C with baby roo:








Donkey on a swing:


Just a really nice picture:



3 thoughts on “Kangaroo Farm!

  1. It looks like the kids had a lot of fun.

    Thank you for posting about this trip! I didn’t know there was a kangaroo farm around and now I want to go with my kids there 🙂

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