No Talking

My cold has settled into my throat, as it always does, leaving me with laryngitis and the fear of swallowing my own spit.  Rocco keeps trying to have these conversations with me but I can’t respond so he implodes at the end of each one, then asks sadly, “Why are you not answering me?”  He has imploded so many times it’s getting harder to put him all back together so I dropped him off at his grandparents’ today.

Then I was off to carpool Vincenzo and two of his friends to camp.  The boys started out with a long conversation about Pokemon.  V has become a bit of a Pokemon Lord so he was droppin’ some knowledge on them about hit points and damage when this came up:

C: If I made a Pokemon I’d give it one thousand damage.
A:  Ha ha, one thousand isn’t a real number, it just means “a lot.”
C:  It is too real!
A:  No, like [thinking of a really big number]…two and zero!
C: Two, zero, zero is…200!
A: I’d give it 200 damage!
V: I’d give it one million damage!
A: One million isn’t a number either.
C: I’d give it GOOGLE damage!

I tuned the conversation out only for a few seconds, and when I tuned back in the topic had changed:

A: Cavemen aren’t dinosaurs.
C:  Yeah.  They’re just people who lived with dinosaurs.

Then they returned to Pokemon, discussing the technique of figuring out which Pokemon are evil and how to subtract 20 damage points from 100 (they came up with 90) and how no Pokemon could really have 1,000 hit points because it would make everyone else jealous.  Et cetera.

By then we had made it to camp.  I hopped out to put some sunblock on V’s face.

C: Ha ha, Vincenzo looks like an Indian!
A: Why?
C: Because of all that sunblock!
A: But Indians didn’t wear sunblock…

I can’t believe I’ve wasted my whole life talking, when listening is so much better!

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