9 Years and 3 Days…Not that Anyone’s Counting

Kevin made a triumphant return from Idaho on Friday so we celebrated our anniversary on Saturday.  I actually got some kind of flu/cold thing the day before, but after having recently been pregnancy-sick for nine months, having the flu/cold felt like having a little furry kitten along with us on our date, by comparison.

We went out to dinner for our first baby-less date and I wore a dress that fit like a glove, especially if you realize at some point it’s your child’s glove you’re trying to fit on your own hand.  Here you see me holding it in:


And here I was so enamored with my husband that I forgot an just let it go. 

Now would be a great time to remind everyone that the only time it’s okay to ask a woman when her baby’s due is if she’s lying in a hospital bed with her legs up and a baby’s head at least partially protruding from between them.*

In this picture, one of us was making a big deal about the sun being in our eyes. 


So the one who was making a big deal about sun in his eyes decided not to be in any more pictures and offered to take my picture instead.


Because nothing makes a woman feel classier than having her husband take her to a nice French restaurant downtown then snap a bunch of pictures of her asss. 

The dress, you can see, was not only tight but also would magically shrink as I was walking.  I timed it—every sixty steps I had to pull it back down into place.  As I walked two miles in it, there was much adjusting.

But adjusting is one thing a couple does lots in nine years of marriage, so I guess the dress was perfect.


Even if it made this piece of garden art feel shameful.




*No, no one asked me if I was pregnant last night.  Usually people tell me I look good for someone who just had a baby.  I have a feeling that I will spend the rest of my life looking good…for someone who just had a baby.

4 thoughts on “9 Years and 3 Days…Not that Anyone’s Counting

  1. Happy Anniversary! Thank you for having an open bar 9 years and 4 days ago on a beautiful Friday night. I didn’t notice the dress in the photos because I was looking for antlers.

  2. You look fantastic – your husband is clearly happy with that ass. :). Happy anniversary!!

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