Summer is making me crazy

Vincenzo’s last day of school was one week ago yesterday.  Since then we have hit the swimming pool, met friends at Red Robin, been to Chuck E. Cheese, caught a kids’ concert/human circus, organized a play date at a water park, remembered speech therapy at the last minute, went to the dentist, sent Vincenzo to his Grammy/Poppy’s, welcomed Kevin’s family to town, went to a birthday party, tested out the neighborhood’s newest babysitters, saw Kevin off on a business trip, shopped with McStreamy and Spawn at a Farmer’s Market, met up with friends for donuts at the park, then hit the swimming pool, met friends at Red Robin, and lather, rinse, repeat

And those are just the scheduled things.  They don’t include walks on the train tracks, painting bird houses, riding bikes in the neighborhood, making bead necklaces, coloring, reading, gardening, making star art, shopping, destroying the living room carpet with blue food dye, etc.  (They also don’t include bathing because it wasn’t on our summer list.)

I have found that the more children I have, the fewer things I want to do.  I am a huge fan of just hanging out at home, which is something I’ve never before been a fan of.  But once summer hit I started going a little crazy (okay, crazy-er) and we are sometimes only home to sleep.

It’s not good.  I took a shower today and went to brush my hair yesterday only to find that my hairbrush was still in the swimming bag.  We went swimming seven days ago.

Leo has not loved being schlepped around so much, as his perfect summer vacation involves a swaddle, a binky, and his own crib.  The baby who never cries—well, he’s cried a bit lately.

But I can’t let up on the gas just yet.  We haven’t ridden the bus!  Or hit the kangaroo farm!  Or toured the waste treatment plant!  These are seriously things on our to-do list! 

I don’t have any tidy way to wrap this up.  Just wanted to let y’all know why I’ve been a little absent here lately.

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