MrsMouthy Waxes Poetic

This is not a vampire flashing a gang sign.


It’s a kindergartener flashing a “k” on his last day of school for the year.

From this…


To this…


In nine months flat.

I used to write a poem every day in a spiral notebook titled “Really Bad Poems.”  It’s been awhile, but I thought I’d give it a go.  Here’s my poem to you, Vincenzo, my kindergarten grad.

KAY (by Mom)

Let’s toast to a year
of goodbye kisses
and bus stop hugs
To A’s saying “ah”
and potato bugs

Adieu, Superhero recesses
and Girls Chase Boys
or Boys Chase Girls
if that’s your thing

Cheers to you, Itsy Bitsy
going up it again
and the old woman
who swallowed that fly
Oh my

Goodbye, first crush
Her name was Pokemon
(though she’s hardly gone)

A toast to you, Kindergarten
to all those lost teeth
and that one winter coat
To the knees of his jeans
he lost those too
You can keep them all–
He’s moving on
my Little Boy Blue

Here’s to you number one!
The letter kay
is so yesterday

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