This Morning

I’m always telling my kids not to tattle, but I just needed to get this out. ROCCO IS BEING A JERK.

I was woken up at 6:30 by an underwear-clad Rocco saying, “Can you go outside to play with me?”  With a baby and boy still sleeping and myself just barely awake, I had to tell him we’d go out later.  He yelled at me.

He asked for Kix for breakfast.  As I was getting him a bowl he asked if I could play cars with him and when I explained I was getting the breakfast he asked for so I’d have to play later, he yelled at me.

As soon as Rocco sat down at the table and saw his bowl of Kix, he asked for a waffle.  I told him he had to eat his Kix first and yup, he yelled at me.

I nursed Leo to the tune of “I HAVE TO GO TO THE BAFROOM!  I HAVE TO GO TO THE BAFROOM!  I HAVE TO GO TO THE BAFROOM!”  Rocco wanted my help.  As soon as I finished nursing, I helped Rocco and he yelled at me for helping him.

He wanted me to read a book to him so I read for half an hour until it was time to change clothes and go to the bus stop.  I got yelled at for being done reading.

When I changed Leo’s diaper the boys got in a fight over a toy, so the few minutes I had to actually interact with the baby were stifled by the sounds of yelling and feet-stamping until I was able to break it up.

On the way to the bus stop Rocco realized he left his train book at home and had a temper tantrum and I had to carry him up the super steep hill while also pushing the stroller (Vincenzo helped a little, but he’s kind of a wimp.)

After the bus came Rocco picked up a green pine cone and got his hands covered in sap, then wanted to hold my hand on the way back home so we both were covered in sap.  He yelled at me when I said we needed to wash up.

Leo needed to be rocked to sleep but he couldn’t fall asleep because Rocco started yelling from the other room, “OPE THE PLAY DOUGH!” over and over again, practicing with various tones of voice such as mad, pissed, raging, self-righteous, despairing, and hateful.

I spent the next two hours building puzzles with him, playing trains, and helping him bake a cake.  He only yelled a little during most of that.

As I type this Rocco back to eating his Kix and asking for waffles, as well as asking me to sing the mountain song over and over again and asking if I’ll go downstairs to play with him.

He turns three in a month.  I am sooooo hoping that he’ll put these twos behind him!


3 thoughts on “This Morning

  1. Sorry, you had a rough morning. Can I just say….I feel more normal now. My two year old has those days too. At least we are not alone.

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