Rocco: take only in small doses

1. The boys were at the table eating cherries:
R: What did you just spit out, Denzo?
V: A pit.
R: Ooo!  Will you spit out my pits, Denzo?!!

2. V: Can I wear my boots outside, Mom?
Me: Sure.
R: Can I wear my feet outside?

3. R, out of the blue: Denzo starts with the number “V.”  (“Denzo” is his name for Vincenzo.)  (Kindergarten is going to be very confusing for Rocco.)

4. Rocco, whining: I want Special Kaaaaayyy.  I want it nooooowww.
Me: Please stop whining.
Rocco, whining: But that’s what people doooooo when they waaaant something!

5. Rocco showed up after 20 minutes alone yesterday, looking like this, no explanation:


6. Rocco: Remember when we didn’t have Leo, Mom?
Me: Yup.
R: Just leave him somewhere.  Then we won’t have him anymore.

7.  Rocco at lunch: Where do bottoms come from?  I was just walking around one day, then I had one!

One thought on “Rocco: take only in small doses

  1. oh dear!!! You do have your hands full, don’t you? 🙂
    Please don’t leave Leo somewhere, even if Rocco asks with a particularly convincing whine! 🙂

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