Knock knock! Booze there?

The other day at Red Robin, Rocco told us that the alphabet starts with “R.”  Here’s where we went from there:

Me:  Knock knock!
Vincenzo: Who’s there?
Me: Ralph
V: Ralph who?
Me: Ralphabet!
V: Good one.
Me: I’m not done yet!  Knock knock!
V: Who’s there?
Me: Thea.
V: Thea who?
Me: Thealphabet actually starts with “A!”
V: Okay, my turn.  Knock knock.
Me: Who’s there?
V: House.
Me: House who?
V: House wine!

A guy named Genuine Draft showed up next, followed by One Great Margarita, followed by Fruity Boozie Daiquiri, followed by Vincenzo’s dad, who confiscated the Red Robin menu from us. 

We’re just thankful nobody from CPS showed up.


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