Why, Rocco, WHY?!

You know that saying, “There are no stupid questions?”  Yeah, well, there are many stupid questions, and they all start with the word “why.”  And Rocco has asked ALL of them.  Our days sound a little like this lately:

Rocco: Why do I have to go potty?  Why did I go potty on the bafroom floor?  Why are you cleaning the bafroom floor, Daddy?  Why are we making cupcakes, Mom?  Mom, why are we eating cupcakes?  Why do they taste so good?  Why am I wearing a lace-up shoe?  Why am I wearing two lace-up shoes?  Why is my penis so big?

Finally, once yesterday he asked a question that did not start with “Why.”

R: Can you get my red car, Mom? 
Me: Yes.

It felt good.  It felt real good to answer a non-why question.  Until…

R: Why did you say “yes?”

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