Meet: Spawn

I believe I mentioned a couple years back (two, to be precise), that my friend and regular commenter, McStreamy, had spawned.  Ever since, I have been receiving little treats in my e-mail in-box. 

Treats like this:

(This treat was extra special because not only did I get a treat that day but as you can see, Spawn got one too.)

One day they sent me this beautiful masterpiece that MrStreamy made on a box of diapers:


Sometimes I get inspirational bottle caps, like this:


But my favorite so far is this darling picture of their son, apparently smoking in the back yard and looking shifty.


I don’t know if he can hang out with my boys anymore.


Mine prefer cigars.

2 thoughts on “Meet: Spawn

  1. Guess I shouldn’t have been eating my dinner when I popped your blog open, just to see what was going on. That first pix did help me decide not to grab another piece of pizza.

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