Children should be heard

1. Vincenzo has been in speech therapy since last August for pronunciation, and he still has a ways to go on the letter /l/.  We work on it throughout the day, but my attempt to sneak in a little practice yesterday failed, as we were driving by a Google sign.

Me: Vincenzo, can you say “Google” and get the /l/ in it?
Vincenzo: Sure I can.  MICROSOFT!!

At which point he high-fived his father.

2. Me: Hold my hand in the parking lot, Rocco.  I don’t want you to get hit by a car.
Rocco: Sometimes I just want to get hit by one.*

3. The word “wrappaging” is being used frequently in my house this week.  Fanks for that, Vincenzo.  (And fanks to Rocco for giving us “fanks.”)

4. While I was wiping Rocco’s face with a wet cloth…
Rocco: I don’t like my face.
Me: You mean you don’t like getting your face wiped.
Rocco: No.  I just don’t like my face.**

5. Hey, just wondering if anyone else is free on April 35th? 


Or is that April E5?

*He doesn’t really have a death wish; he just loves to be contrary.
**Seriously, how could anyone not like this face?


Did I write “like?”  I meant “lick.”



2 thoughts on “Children should be heard

  1. That is one cute face! (I see Mark’s eyes/look at the same age.) This post reminded me of the trip we took to Colonial Williamsburg when Abby was 2 1/2 and Emma was ~7 weeks old. I asked Abby, “Can you say ‘apothocary’?” “I can’t say it.” “Can’t say what?” “Apothocary. Hey! I said it! Fanks!”

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