I’ve noticed a significant difference in the way things have been with one child vs. two children vs. three children.  Here’s how it is:

1st child: I hand-made cards and mailed them out at exactly 13 weeks.
2nd child: I included a note about the pregnancy in some Easter cards I sent out at 20 weeks.
3rd child: Um…does a blog post count?

1st child: We had a quiet, peaceful house.  I’d play some soft world music sometimes.  Adults would stop in and quietly ooh and aah over the baby
2nd child: There were moments of quiet peace (when Vincenzo was at school) interrupted by bouts of hysterical laughter
3rd child: It is NEVER quiet here.  Kids are screaming sometimes out of happiness and sometimes out of raw hatred for each other; toys are whirring and humming and beeping; Rocco is constantly talking and/or driving cars over Leo’s sleeping body.

1st child: Smiled at 4 weeks.  I sent a photo to everyone in my e-mail address book and was convinced he was a genius.
2nd child: Didn’t smile at 4 weeks.  I obsessed about it and worried that he was autistic or maybe humorless.
3rd child: Is 2 months old and smiles.  Did anyone happen to record the exact day and time of his first smile?  Anyone?

1st child: I assumed they were complimenting him because he was remarkably cute compared to other babies.
2nd child: I assumed they were complimenting him because he was small and tiny, and all babies are cute.
3rd child: I can’t really hear any compliments over all the screaming and constant talking from 1st and 2nd child.

1st child: We tried to hold off for 4 weeks like the books told us to.  Made it 4 days.
2nd child: We tried to hold off for 4 days like we did with the first baby.  Made it 2 days
3rd child: We gave him the binky his first night home.  The older kids love to “help”, so Leo is often awoken from a dead slumber to have something dry and rubbery being forced into his mouth.

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