Our Ugly Easter

I got a lot of pretty pictures from Easter that I’ll post on Thursday, but personally I like the ones in this post better.

Egg dyeing seems like a good starting place.  Here’s my attempt to get a picture of Rocco’s egg with him in the background, smiling proudly at it.


And here’s me giving up.


Here are the boys at an egg hunt.  Apparently Vincenzo is shooting himself in the face because I’m making him sit for another picture.


Easter mornings would be so much prettier if our boys wore pajamas to bed.  (Kevin put them to bed, and as he is not constantly thinking of potential photo ops and dressing the kids accordingly, there will be no scrapbook page of Easter morning 2012.)


Kevin introduced me to Ridiculously Photogenic Guy this weekend.  It’s unfortunate the title is already claimed, because Vincenzo might have snagged it for himself, don’t you think?


Here I am on Easter day with my three boys, riding various forms of tricycles (Leo is in the sling):


And for those of you who didn’t see it on Facebook, I present to you the greatest picture of Easter morning ever.


With a look like that, it’s easy to see why the Italian mafia was such a powerful force.

One thought on “Our Ugly Easter

  1. Yesterday you and the boys were soooo flippin cute sitting on the curb, waiting for the bus. Stop torturing me with these hallmark moments already.

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