Easter Cookies

I don’t love making sugar cookies and I kind of hate decorating them, but my kids love both so we do it for just about every holiday.  Here’s how it went for Easter this year.

I set Rocco up with a few cookies and frosting, then went to help the bigger kids.  When I came back to help Rocco again, all his cookies were gone.  It was no mystery where they went.  I gave him a couple more and told him he could only eat one more cookie and we’ll save the rest for later.  He frosted the cookie and added sprinkles, then licked it all off, then reapplied frosting and sprinkles, licked them off and so on.  I seriously cannot outsmart this kid.


As for Vincenzo, he realized this year that the more you put on a cookie, the more you get to eat.  After using an entire jar of sprinkles on four cookies, he came up with the idea of decorating the back of the cookies as well.  I didn’t think to take pictures until there was *this* much left, but you get the idea.


Pretty much the moral of this post is if you go to Mexico don’t drink the water, and if you come to MrsMouthy’s house don’t eat the sugar cookies.


In fact, you’re much better off sampling some of these cookies my boys invented all on their own last week.


This invention is unnamed as of yet…we just can’t quite nail it down.  Anyone?

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