True Confessions to my 6 Year Old

1. When you’re talking to me and I’m saying, “Uh-huh,” and, “M-hm,” and “Oh man,” it means I’m really not listening at all.

2. When you two go to bed, Dad and I eat ice cream sundaes and watch movies on the couch.

3. I know you love to tell me about it but I really don’t care a rat’s patootie about your most recent Skylanders adventure.

4. Eating vegetables doesn’t actually give you muscles.

5. When you pull your old art projects out of the trash and I act like I have no idea how they got there, I actually know exactly how they got there.

6. It was me who ate the last bowl of Cocoa Puffs.

7.  Most of the candy in your Easter basket will be the same candy you brought home on Halloween night a few months back.

8.  Only a lot less, because I ate quite a bit of it.

9. I regularly make fun of you on my blog.

10.  I think you are the cleverest, handsomest, sweetest, most lovable six-year-old in the world.  And I really hope you know how to laugh at yourself because otherwise someday this post is going to really piss you off.

How about you…what do you need to confess to your kids?

3 thoughts on “True Confessions to my 6 Year Old

  1. I wonder if I threw out all the Halloween leftovers, or hid them in the pantry? I wonder if my 10 and 13 year old’s would notice that I supplemented their Easter baskets with it, if it’s hidden?
    I think you’re brilliant!
    I would write more… but I have to start digging through my pantry

  2. I used to give my kids “monster medicine” it was little tart candies I bought off the interenet. I would do anything to get them to go to sleep! They stopped needing them a few months ago, and the other day I actually told them that I had been giving them candy! They all said “huh, I wonder how it worked?”

  3. Beth, that’s an awesome comment. I love that the kids thought it worked even after you told them!

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