Expensive Crap

I, like most parents, don’t like spending a ton of money on clothes. But I found this $80 Calvin Klein jacket that I liked for Vincenzo and, as the $10 jacket he’s been wearing for 2 years is ripped, I wanted to get it.

Fortunately the Calvin Klein was 40% off, making it $40.

And I bought it one size too big so he can wear it for two years, so that meant I could divide the price by two, making it more of a $20 Calvin Klein jacket.

And since we now have three boys who will all one day wear the jacket, I went ahead and divided the $20 by three, making it a $7 jacket.

So I might not make the Extreme Couponing show, but if there were an Extreme Justification show I’d so be there.

So Vincenzo goes to school in his originally $80 Calvin Klein jacket and it’s very nice looking and I’m sure all the kindergarten girls swoon when he walks in wearing designer clothing, so I was less than thrilled when I looked outside the other day and saw Vincenzo washing Kevin’s car with a spray bottle and the sleeve of his new jacket.

The kid must hate me.

Because while I can justify the price of a Calvin Klein jacket down to a mere $7 and feel okay about it, I can’t justify spending $7 on a car-washing rag.


(This is the kid I’m writing about, trying his brother’s car seat on for size.)


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