Baby has a man cold

I didn’t have the boys get a gift for Leo when he was born, but last week they gave him a gift all on their own: a goopy, nasty, lingering head cold.  It’s hard to see your baby, who only learned to BREATHE 2-1/2 weeks ago, wheezing and sneezing and sometimes choking on his own mucous. 

It would have been fine if the cold had followed its usual progression of Rocco to Vincenzo to me to Kevin, but somehow this one missed me so Leo didn’t get any antibodies.  I would have gladly taken the fall to avoid wiping adult-sized boogers off his kitten-sized chin. 

Kevin pointed out we should have people wash their hands after they touch him instead of the other way around.

In less disgusting news, we got Leo’s professional photos back this weekend.  We found the most amazing photographer (Monica Wilkinson) who spent four hours taking pictures of Leo (she said that’s a typical length for her newborn sessions).  She was like the baby whisperer, the way she got Leo into each new setting and then shushed and patted him to sleep.  We got about 80 photos so I’ll just stick a few into each post this week.




I know…right?!


2 thoughts on “Baby has a man cold

  1. I’m sorry you baby has a man cold but I’m stoked that maybe I don’t have to avoid you any longer because we’ve all been sick with colds for the last 3 weeks and I think we’re already getting another one. I didn’t want to be the first one to get the newborn sick. Now I can bring you all lunch on Thursday if you’re home. Oh, and, your baby is cute. Super cute. Must be the name.

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