Of babies and chickens

I don’t really think anyone has told Leo yet that he’s out of utero.  He so far just sleeps and sleeps, I’ve only heard him really cry a handful of times, and keeps all his arms and legs bunched up inside his clothes in a sort of self-swaddle.  I’ve taken to calling him Bunchy lately.

I go to strap Leo him the car seat and there is nothing to put through the various sections of seatbelt…just a head and torso to secure down.  Vincenzo likes to go up to Leo a few times during the day and check his sleeves, “to see if his arms have come in  yet.” 

He is so bunched up he more resembles a rotisserie chicken than a human baby.  So we did the natural thing that pretty much anyone in our situation would have done.*


Leo.  He was born with so much hair and so few arms.


*Photo compliments of Leo’s auntie and uncle, who might not have done this with their own son but didn’t hesitate to do it to ours.  😉

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