Three is a magic number

Rocco last night heard me say to Leo, “Are you hungry, Baby?  Do you want some milk?”  So Rocco hopped off the couch, got a plastic cup from his drawer, and ran over to the refrigerator to get Leo a glass of milk.

Then he returned to his normal state of completely failing to notice his baby brother’s existence.


Vincenzo has been pretty sweet with Leo—he only fails to notice Baby Brother’s existence 75% of the time.  Sometimes we can get V to hold Leo.  He cradles his head and pets his arms and says, “His clothes are so soft they feel like fur!”  There’s been a lot less holding, though, since Leo did a very loud poo while in his big brother’s arms.


Kevin doesn’t get much out of holding Leo, and when he does hold the baby he’s usually making him do the moon walk or Thriller dance, which Leo responds to by completely sleeping through.

All this means that I get to hold Leo pretty much all the time, which is exactly what I’ve been doing.


Except, of course, for his daily photo shoots which he also, coincidentally, completely sleeps through.

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