MrsMouthy, The Unpregnant

When I woke up a week ago today, I was a cranky, anxious pregnant lady.  When I wake up today I am a tired but blissfully happy new old mom.  I have a real live doll to play with all day!  And even though that doll wants to be played with at 2AM and also does some things to my boobs that my childhood dolls never did, he’s still pretty friggin’ awesome.


I’m glad I’ve passed the Day of Engorgement, where it looked like Leo was trying to nurse on Epcott Center and I felt like I had two cantaloupe-sized bruises on my chest.  Now that things have settled down there a bit I look less Fem Bot and more Past-Her-Prime Porn Star.  I’ll take it.


I have been shamelessly taking advantage of every family member around here to make it so that I spend my days in pajamas, in bed with soft blankets and an even softer baby.  I take breaks sometimes to take pictures of Leo and then edit them, then I go back to just holding him.  They say you can’t spoil a baby…but apparently you can spoil the mom.  I’ll probably grow up to be a rotten brat.

(Kevin took this picture of me in my new “office”—Leo is under the covers.)

And now I must return back to my fantasy world because it’s only going to be here for another week or two before I will have to trade in my pajama pants for mom jeans and realize that all three kids in this house do, indeed, belong to me.


7 thoughts on “MrsMouthy, The Unpregnant

  1. I am so sad that I sucked at photography 7 years ago…..i envy beautiful newborn shots. sigh…..
    I’m so glad you have been able to relax and relish this time.

  2. I’ ll probably grow up to be a rotten brat…love that line! He is precious. Your little tribe is blessed to have a mommy like you! Enjoy

  3. All of your babies are gorgeous…..Leo is absolutely adorable. I love your new “office”! Love the wallpaper, the headboard, the bedding, everything. Go supermama!

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