Looking for baby pictures?

Neiner neiner, no baby yet. 

My unladylike problem is still very present in my nether regions, so eating is no longer about what sounds good but about what will get the most fiber into my system.


Snack (brought to you by Flax 4 Life):

Lunch (mixed in a salad if I’m feeling ambitious; otherwise sometimes straight from the can)

And usually I can eat a normalish dinner.  Thanks to this diet I haven’t used the words “hard” and “stool” in the same sentence for weeks, as I have neither had one nor been able to sit on one.  The bad news is that there are a lot of running-to-the-bathroom emergencies, with Kevin yelling behind me, “Check for the baby before you flush!”  I’m thinking of reopening the application process for birthing partners.

Then again, if fiber is having the same effect on the baby that it is on my stomach, Guglielmo is going to come out a little on the liquidy side.  You may not want to apply.

Too gross?

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