Maternity Monday: I have no respect for the actual day of the week anymore

Nesting today consisted of ironing the crib skirt and dusting the blades of the ceiling fan.  Both tasks are important, of course, because newborns can be soooo particular about those kinds of things. 

This weekend’s to-do list includes the very real act of opening up the car seat and installing it in the minivan, and probably packing up my hospital bag.  I can do this with all the smugness of someone who has an induction date set for 39 weeks* and thus has fate by the balls.

If you remember, I’ve been listening to Hypnobabies CDs in hopes of having a drug-free labor and while I don’t know if they’ll lead to an “easy, comfortable, and pain free birthing,” I do know I’ve slept better these last couple months than I have in my whole life.  I also know it gets kind of weird when the lady on the tapes says things like, “My pelvis is soft and flexible…” and, “My cervix is as soft as melting butter…”

This pregnancy, I’ve been treated to a symptom I managed to avoid in my other ones and because I am a proper lady I won’t spell it out for you but I will say I’ve made good friends with a tube of Preparation H.  I also cannot walk more than about 50 yards at a time anymore.  My doctor keeps saying, “We’ll‘address’ them after the delivery.”  Yeah, um…not super excited about that one.  Considering that toilet paper feels like broken glass lately, I really don’t want to think about anything down there being “addressed.”

So yeah.  Pregnancy is beautiful.  And if you don’t agree, that’s an issue we’re just going to have to address.


*I have Factor V Leiden, which means my blood gets a little over-excited about clotting, so my OB doesn’t like me to go all 40 weeks.  Sooner equals safer for me and the baby.

One thought on “Maternity Monday: I have no respect for the actual day of the week anymore

  1. Hang in there!! We had a baby girl on Jan. 12, she was 10 days early and I sure was happy to have her out! This pregnancy was different as my body had issues that I didn’t have with the other two. I was able to go natural with the last two, it was hard at the end and I sure wanted drugs but it was survivable. Don’t think a CD would have helped me, needed a nurse focusing only on me so I could get her out. Looking forward to hearing about Baby G when he arrives!

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