MrMouthy’s Marrow

I have always been very in love with my husband.  This week I am even more in love with him than ever.  Usually if someone starts a blog post or does a FB update like this I don’t read beyond the first line, but the rest of this is not sappy, and I promise that you will love my husband by the end of it, too.

About six years ago Kevin signed up to be a bone marrow donor, for no other reason than that he happened to have bone marrow and some people in the world happen to need bone marrow.  He actually got a call right away that he was a match for someone, but the person decided not to go through with the procedure.

A month ago, that person changed her mind.  We don’t know much about her—just that she is a 53-year-old woman with a form of leukemia—but Kevin didn’t even hesitate.

Thanks to modern medicine, Kevin doesn’t have to have his hip cracked open like they used to do (and sometimes still need to do); he just has to go to our local blood bank for shots five days in a row, and the shots trigger his body to make more stem cells.  They cause some bone pain, as he noticed as soon as he got in the car to drive home.  I’m worried about how bad it’s going to get by the fifth shot, but Kevin’s doesn’t seem phased by it.

This Thursday Kevin  will spend eight hours hooked up to a needle while the stem cells are harvested out of his body, then immediately flown to the recipient’s hospital and transferred to her body.  Crazy, eh?

Even crazier is what happens on the recipient’s end.  Last week and this week, she has undergone treatments that will kill off all of her bone marrow.  She will be super susceptible to every ailment known to man, and I can’t imagine the pain she will be going through.  Once her bone marrow is gone, she is completely, 100% dependent on Kevin to give her life.  She will die without his bone marrow.

Hopefully her body accepts it.  If not, they’ll go through the same process in a few months and cross their fingers that it takes the second time.  Kevin’s body will kind of be on-call for her for about a year.

I love how Kevin is doing this for a complete stranger, how he is completely unconcerned for his own comfort, how he doesn’t overthink it, how he just gives.  That’s just how Kevin is.

I love him.

5 thoughts on “MrMouthy’s Marrow

  1. That is pretty incredible. I take back my comment earlier this week about how I couldn’t believe he was “choosing” this week to donate when you were so close to your due date… thank you for the education and not calling me a heartless b*tch on the phone. Sending love to you all.

  2. I’m pretty sure Kevin is the best. And now you get to write in your Christmas card that both of you gave life this year.

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