Little Ms. Sunshine

I am CRANKY.  Reasons why include:

1.  Sounds of loud gum chewing RIGHT next to my ear
2.  Not having enough time to blog (how did I used to do it?)
3.  A 2-year-old who repeats the same question over 50 times in a row and expects the exact same answer in a friendly tone of voice from you each time or he goes all ape shit on you
4.  That poop really, really stinks.  I mean, it seriously smells extremely bad and frankly, I’m sick of it.
5.  A 6-year-old who licks his fingers at the dinner table and also wipes them on his clothes
6. The lack of silver-leaf nightstands available to the general public
7.  The fact that I lost both pairs of glasses and have to go get some new ones
8.  The smell of Abercrombie & Fitch’s cologne that they pipe through their a/c system.  It makes me want to throw up when I’m at the mall, and also anytime I hug my kids for two days afterwards if they went to the mall and walked anywhere near the store
9.   That it’s 3:15 in the afternoon and the sun is already setting
10.  That I have one funny post and one interesting one to write but instead I wrote this one

The really lame thing about this list is that I just read my friend’s blog post about what it’s like to be slowly going blind and she has some super real reasons to be cranky, but I’m pretty sure I am crankier than her right now over these incredibly stupid things.

There.  I hope now you’re cranky too.

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