Maternity Monday: Outsourcing Nesting

At the rate I’m posting, I’m going to have to change that phrase I quoted last week to “The days are fast and the years are fast too.”  I haven’t had a minute to breathe lately!

I’d like to publicly thank my oldest sister who read my blog post about how I wished my pantry were clean so my nesting instinct could be fulfilled, but I didn’t feel like cleaning it myself.  She made a convincing argument over the phone that she was bored out of her mind and her boredom could only be cured by cleaning someone else’s pantry while the someone else held her adorable four-month-old baby.  That was incredible!

But even without the pantry to worry about, I am kind of panicking about Guglielmo’s pending birth and all the things that need to get done before he comes.  Kevin and I have a lot of conversations like this lately:

Me: We’re going to spend all weekend getting ready for Baby.  We need to buy sheer curtains for the master bedroom, alphabetize the spice cupboard, and repurpose our old rain gutters as cable management tools.  Got it?
Kevin: Whatever.  I’m heading out to buy a car seat and some newborn diapers.
Me:  What?  What on earth does that have to do with anything?

If only I could be as realistic and practical as my friend who, when asked if she was ready for her baby to be born, answered, “I have boobs and onesies.  What else do I need?”

But still.  I’d love to see her spice cupboard.

3 thoughts on “Maternity Monday: Outsourcing Nesting

  1. Michelle organized my pantry too after the boys were born. I’m still using the same system. What a gift!

  2. I am not having another baby but I would totally take a visit from the Gaines girls and I’ll hold the baby while you make cookies and Michelle organizes my cupboards because I am pretty sure she wouldn’t be able to help herself if she saw them. 😉

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