And for my next act…Rocco


1. Rocco, from back of minivan: Mom, whose car is this, Mom?*
Me: It’s my car.
Rocco: No, it not your car!  Daddy bought this car!

2.  On Christmas Day, someone asked if Rocco had any idea about the pending baby.  I decided to find out.

Me: Rocco, what’s in Mommy’s tummy?
Rocco (putting a hand on my stomach and listening intently for a few seconds):  NUTS!

(My BIL pointed out that he’s actually right.  Two nuts, to be precise.)

3.  Rocco is in an incredibly independent, combative stage lately.  He only wants to do things he suggests, and he wants to do them his way.  He’s gotten so used to us saying the wrong thing that last week when he woke up and I asked him what he wanted for breakfast, before I could even suggest anything, he answered, “Something else.”


Like they say…the days are long but the years are short.


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