Oh Christmas Tree

A couple years ago my siblings and I were reminiscing about  decorating the Christmas tree—how we would place our favorite ornaments front and center; how we would meticulously place each glass ornament directly in front of a colored light; how anything we had made ourselves, especially if it involved dough and our picture, ended up in some place of honor.

Then my mom piped up.  “Yeah, and after you all went to bed I’d go  move the ornaments around so the tree actually looked good.”  Or something like that.  We were appalled, and I promised myself then that I would never do that to my kids.

That was before Vincenzo put this…


…center stage on our Christmas tree.  Yup.  Right next to this:


…even after I told him how the first year Kevin and I were dating we wanted to find the tackiest ornament we could for our future tree, and that’s how we came to own this one.  He said with all the enthusiasm and honesty of a six-year-old, “Well you guys sure failed on that one!”  (I think that’s the original paper clip we hung it with, too, before we could afford to buy ornament hooks.)

Vincenzo went on to decorate the entire tree using all of our ornaments and only two branches.  It really defied gravity and physics in general, and I’d insert a picture of it here but…well…


Mom, may this picture serve as proof that you have been forgiven.

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