The nightmares before Christmas II

Around midnight last night Rocco woke up in a panic.  Kevin went into his room and Rocco was uncontrollably shaking from head to foot, saying, “That funny thing happened,” and it was clear he didn’t mean funny funny.  He meant scary funny.  He repeated that line over and over again, probably 100 times in 10 minutes.  Every once in awhile he’d give a bit of new information, like, “That funny thing came through my door,” and “That pokey thing in my bed,” and, “Look—me shaking.”  It took a lot of work to convince Rocco nothing would come through his door and poke him the rest of the night, and he could go back to bed.  Now whenever he’s in the nursery he keeps staring at the door with that same panicky look in his eyes, talking about the funny thing that happened.

So…wanna come spend the night?

Or maybe…could I sleep at your house tonight?

4 thoughts on “The nightmares before Christmas II

  1. Reading about your boys and their nightmares breaks my heart.I remember being a kid and having similar experiences.
    It’s so hard to see your kids scared and not be able to stop the nightmares.

  2. I had scary nightmares as a child, too, which involved a scary man under my bed, which made it impossible to make it to the bathroom…Yikes. But, when second daughter started having nightmares I told her if she wore socks to bed at night, she wouldn’t have them anymore. Well, it worked and now she is using that same ritual with my granddaughter. The Power of Suggestion is VERY strong….. Love your blog! Thanks for sharing!

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