The nightmares before Christmas

The title really could describe how my children have been acting this week, but this post actually about nightmares.

The kids have been having nightmares lately.  As someone who grew up seeing shadows of creepy kids moving on the wall next to my bed and living totem poles hanging out in my room, taking turns holding me while the house smelled like it was on fire and also the totem pole guys would kill me if I moved a fraction of an inch, I have to say it’s unsettling to hear what’s going on in my kids’ rooms at night.

In Vincenzo’s room we seem to have a disembodied voice that makes all kinds of noises and sometimes whispers to him.  The other night, it apparently whispered, “Only one in 24 hours…”   I told Vincenzo that of all the scary things a voice could say, that really didn’t sound very scary but frankly I was substantially worried that he was about to be the second one in 24 hours.  Whatever that means.  It can’t be good.

Rocco has started saying, as we put him in the crib, “Me not scared,” which is the exact thing he says when he is scared to try to convince himself he’s not.  (He says it most often when he approaches Halloween decorations and cows.)  So as we’re putting him down he says, “Me not scared.  No animals come in room.  No monkey come down from ceiling.”

I’m a little creeped out.  Wouldn’t you be?

3 thoughts on “The nightmares before Christmas

  1. The best thing we ever did to stop nightmares, or fear of going to bed, was to give our kids a nightly blessing. It felt weird at first because we hadn’t even prayed before bed. Now it is so natural that the kids request it every night. All of them. 🙂 Good luck, it’s no fun to have kids with nightmares.

  2. I have started spinning my invisible protective mommy orb around Aidan to protect him from any and all monsters at night. Seems to be working. When he was little he would talk about the “man” in his room. When I asked him to describe the man, he described to a “T” the old man who used to live here! EERIE!!!

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