Around the house

It’s just one of those weeks where nothing is thematic.

1. This sign on my curling iron intrigues me:


I’m not sure why eyes got singled out.  If I burn, say, my hand on this curling iron, can I sue because I was not properly warned?  Or is my hand unable to be burned on this curling iron?  Or is there really some kind of fatal attraction between this particular curling iron and eyes?  Intriguing, people.  Intriguing.

2.  Actually, this is kind of thematic, as it’s another warning label, this time on Vincenzo’s battle ax.  It reads: “Do not poke or swing at people or animals.  Use away from breakable objects.”


I’d like to ask Nerf what exactly we are supposed to do with the battle ax, if not poke or swing at people.  Dress it up, give it a binky, and take it for a walk in a little baby buggy?

3.  My MIL got me this beautiful headband that, unlike every other headband I’ve owned, does not give me a headache when I wear it.  Unfortunately, every time I put it on this ends up happening:


The boy loves to accessorize.

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