Maternity Monday: Pregnancy is boring. Here’s some funny stuff instead.

1.) Just wanted to point out that the top searches that bring people to MrsMouthy’s blog are, in this order:

dirty panties, pictures of christening cakes, schoolgirls panties, baby baptism cakes, dirtypanties

So bless you, you sick, perverted, holy  people.  And to satisfy about 2/5 of you, here’s a little something I made this weekend:


2.) A couple Fridays ago I found myself with precisely 1.5 hours all to myself.  Here’s what I did:

*Unloaded the dishwasher by myself (Kevin, your Christmas shopping is done!)
*Took a bath and NO ONE CAME TO LOOK AT ME while I laid there in the water.  No one even filled up my tub with toy cars!
*Went to the bathroom and NOBODY CRIED
*Ate a pound of potato gnocchi drenched in a quarter pound of browned butter sauce and didn’t share it with anyone (though I kind of wished someone else had been there to blame it on)s
*Turned the TV on to a channel that was not 9

It all felt completely exhilarating and reckless.

3.) Vincenzo: “Mom, want to know how to spell “zebra?”  Just take a “z” and and a “bra” to it!”  For those who need the visual…


(Because as lacking in morals as the Internet is, I could not find a picture of a Z actually wearing a bra.)

(There is still some hope for humanity.)

5 thoughts on “Maternity Monday: Pregnancy is boring. Here’s some funny stuff instead.

  1. Awww, thanks Lizgizzy. My sister helped me with the bow–it was my first venture into fondant, and if you look closely you’ll see a bunch of paper towel stuck to the inside that I couldn’t cut, peel, or bribe off of it. Fondant is super fun though!

  2. Wow, Renee, I have no idea how you did that. You would have made it to Superhero status if only it were a Z and not a zebra wearing the bra.

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