Little Thoughts

1.  To answer Monday’s question of “Do I have what Rocco has or am I just pregnancy-nauseous?”  Yes and yes (thought I’m over it now).  Turns out I like sick days much better when it’s my kids who are sick and not me.

2.  This November, a lot of people are writing the things they’re thankful for daily on Facebook (or their blogs).  I thought about doing it, but would you really want to hear for 30 days straight that the thing I am most thankful for is Zantac?

3. I made a draft of my Christmas card/letter this week, and it’s kind of stressing me out that you all haven’t done so yet.

4.  In a rare moment of wisdom, I realized lately that I may not have the perfect house but I have the perfect home.  I am going to try to make that my mantra.

5.  And a Vincenzoism: “Mom, I came up with a new version of Rock, Paper Scissors!  It’s called Brown Baby Tears!”

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