What did you expect?

You know what you’re going to get if you open up any mom’s blog the day after Halloween, right?


Pictures.  Lots and lots of pictures.

Vincenzo was all excited to go as Darth Vader this year, but was too lazy to pick his costume off the bathroom floor when he was standing one room away from it, so he went for knight instead.  I got zero good pictures of it because, frankly, it was a lame attempt at a costume.


Especially when compared to his friend’s costume:


She went as Sasquatch and yes, that is her real hair (but not her real eyebrows), and it’s even more impressive when you know what she looks like on a normal day:


Rocco went as sad Batman.


There were some classic moments last night, like went up to one house and the Sasquatch yelled back, “Mom, these people carved Canadian pumpkins!”  Was it the moustache?


And when I showed N this picture of himself and said it looks like he’s picking his nose…


…and he said, “That’s because I was!”*

And when we got home from trick-or-treating and this conversation happened:

V: Can you help me count the candy Dad?
Kevin: You can count them…you’re good at counting.
V: I’m afraid to get past 20.

Anyway.  Halloween happened.  Fun was had.



*He was totally joking.


One thought on “What did you expect?

  1. I like Momma post-Halloween posts and yours is very nice. Vincenzo’s haircut is wigging me out a bit. Makes me sad because he looks so GROWN and I don’t even know this child! Ah, the wonders of blogging 🙂

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