Tickle WHAT?

Vincenzo got this cute book for his birthday:


It comes with a furry glove and lots of opportunities to tickle your kid while you read.  The whole book rhymes, and I have to admit it made me worry a bit when I got to this page:

No camel or kitten, or bulldog or beagle,
No kangaroo, elephant, zebra, or eagle,
No octopus, platypus, chipmunk or toucan,
Knows how to giggle as well as you can.

With big mitts like mine, my talents are obvious.
Everyone says my TICKLING is marvelous.
Here let me prove it—holy moly kind kitties–
The next place to TICKLE is your…

Seriously.  You’d fill in the blank the same way I would, right?  In which case the book should not only come with a big fuzzy glove but also an arrest warrant.

(Just to put your mind at ease, the actual answer is “arm pitties.”  But you probably already guessed that.)

Pure Vincenzo

1. Vincenzo: Mom, did you know that Superheroes aren’t real?
Me: Hm.  How do you know that?
V: Because you don’t see them in newspapers or anything.
Me: Good point.
V: And Mom?  Maybe Carson isn’t real either, because he’s always pretending to be a Superhero.

2. Me to Vincenzo: Shoot, these new boots aren’t working for me—they keep sliding down my legs!
Vincenzo: Gravity…one; Mom…zero.

3. For his birthday, Vincenzo asked for and received a lot of costumes: Batman, Darth Vader, the Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, a pirate costume, a zoo vet costume…there are probably more that I’m forgetting.  Anyway, he had a friend over this week and the first thing they did was run to the costume bin.  Choices, choices…there were so many!  Want to see what he went with?


His winter coat from last year.  Next year the only thing I’m going to allow him to ask for is boxes.

Maternity Monday: half baked

Yup, Baby is 20 weeks now.  It seems like just yesterday he was a precious little blastocyst we were all oohing and ahhing over, and now he is already being compared to a banana.  *sniff*  They grow up so fast.

Anyway, we’ve decided to give Baby a new name in utero.  Cupid was just way too cutesy for me and I’m nauseous enough already without a nauseatingly cutesy nickname to make me actually throw up in my mouth.  The new name is…drum roll please…


Yes, it’s a real Italian name and it’s what my BIL has been calling the baby, I think to make fun of our other kids’ names, but we don’t care.  We like it.  Plus, if we can’t come up with a better name for our kid and we have to default to his in utero name on his birth certificate, we can always call him Elmo for short and have the absolute most popular kid ever in preschool.  We’ll deal with middle school when it comes.

So.  Guglielmo it is.  Please update your phones.

As for photo of bump, unobstructed…


Ugh, why do we always hate photos of ourselves so much?