Maternity Monday: Still Cookin’

It’s funny being pregnant for the fourth time…I had to get onto Babycenter to find out how many weeks pregnant I am.  I could have told you to the day how many weeks I was pregnant with Vincenzo and now this time around it doesn’t seem to matter; I’ll have a baby in February regardless of exactly how pregnant I am today.

So for those who like numbers: 25 weeks.  I was kind of surprised myself!

I had an OB appointment this week: the usuals—weight, belly size, heartbeat, blood pressure.  A delicious glucose-testing drink that would have paired fabulously with a sharp gouda, if only we were able to take food with it.  I gained 7 pounds in October, which made me groan.  The OB looked at her notes and said it’s probably just blood volume.  The nurse practitioner looked at her notes and said it’s probably all the Twizzlers, root beer, and candy corn I mentioned ’ve been eating.  Either way, it puts me at the same weight now as when I delivered Vincenzo, which feels very uncool.  Then again, with V I was running up until my eighth month, when my feet got so painful I couldn’t even go for a walk.  My feet have already started doing that to me this pregnancy, so I’m fairly couch-bound.

And as if I didn’t know I was slacking this pregnancy, I got my blood test results this week.  “Your Hematocrit level is 33.1—normal is over 33.”  Wow, that’s like passing a class with a a D-. 

Oh, how I’ve changed.

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