1. The boys are fighting, fighting, fighting lately.  They fight over who gets to use which fork.  They fight over whether to call a car “teal” or “green.”  They fight over who gets to touch the diaper bag in the backseat of the car.  They even fight over who gets to unload the dishwasher or clean up the train set, the numbskulls.  I never thought I’d wish for nothing more than to unload the dishwasher all on my own but seriously, I think it’s the only thing on my Christmas list.

2. Conversation on the way to the bus:
Me (looking at the treetops): Oooo, it’s foggy outside.  Look at all that fog!
Rocco (looking at the treetops):  Me see foggy!  Me see foggy!
Me: Yup…lots of fog.
Rocco: Wibbit!  Wibbit!

3.  Here is a little picture I call “Proof We Had Crappy Weather this Summer.”  Vincenzo is the ghost pumpkin in the middle of the photo (with the dreamy look on its face).


4.  I hope no one noticed me taking a picture of this toddler’s behind at a Halloween party, but I wanted to show everyone why I don’t attempt to make my kids’ Halloween costumes.


If you can’t tell, she’s wearing an ordinary shirt and an ordinary skirt with a tube sock safety pinned to the back.  It’s about what I would come up with if I tried.

5.  I missed Thoughtless Thursday and you all probably noticed and cried to your mommas about it, so here you go:




5 thoughts on “Randoms

  1. Lennon’s costume is a black shirt, black leggings, and a tail not unlike that sock (although I did have to cut stuff and sew stuff to make it happen, so one step up, barely). And ears. You would make fun of me.

  2. James’s costume is a craptastic clone war trooper costume from the Party Supply place. The mask is missing paint, and the body suite is well, crappy. But he loves it.

    I don’t know what it is but we aren’t exactly fighting in our house, but we aren’t exactly getting along either. James doesn’t have a brother to fight with so we all seem to be barely tolerating eachother. I think it is the Fall weather.

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