Happy burfday!

It’s Kevin’s birthday today so the kids made cards.  I asked them what shape to make the cards and Rocco chose a car that he bedazzled…


…while Vincenzo went for the more traditional birthday lemon.                       _MG_1074

If your name is “AD,” here is your birthday message:


(He wanted my help to get the Zs facing the right direction, but as I was sitting across the table from him I kept getting them backwards too.  He was really pissed at me so I had to write that it was my fault to appease him.)

As for Rocco’s birthday wish:


Translation: I say happy birthday!  Happy birthday.  I get some ice cream!

The kids then opened Kevin’s presents, which were a pair of Puma shoes that didn’t fit and two chocolate bars that Rocco brought to the table, demanding to eat the “chocolate granola bars” right then and there.

Well, happy birthday anyway, dear.

One thought on “Happy burfday!

  1. Dear Rachel! I want to let you know that I enjoy your blog and look forward to your next post each time. Your outlook on life has always been fun and, can I say different?” I love it! Miss ya and would would love to try and get the gang together again some time!

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