Typical Day

Found the camera download cord!  Too bad I didn’t think to take picture until late in the day for this post.  Here’s what it’s like around here these days (this happened to be Tuesday of last week):

5:30: Rocco starts sobbing from his room, “Hug time…hug time…hug time…”  We tell him to go back to bed and he yells at us for a few minutes, but does.

6AM: Sounds of light saber coming from Vincenzo’s room.

6:30AM: Kids out of bed.  Ask for egg-in-the-hole with marinara sauce for breakfast.  Eat only the egg.

8AM: Kids ask for second breakfast.  Yogurt and pineapple this time.

8:30: Walk V to bus stop; go for walk with Rocco in stroller.  He talks the entire time about which cars have trailer hitches and which do not, and the impact that has on global economics.

10: Take Rocco to story time at library.

10:20: Rocco says loudly he wants to go home.  Says it over and over again, more loudly.  I try to whisper-talk him into staying.  He starts screaming.

10:25: Leave story time early.

10:26 to 11:00: Rocco has raging temper tantrum.  (Turns out he didn’t want to leave story time early after all.)

11: Rocco helps me make banana bread.  He helps by dumping two cups of flour on the floor.  While I get vacuum, he dances in the flour.  I attempt to vacuum but then remember that our Dyson—the indestructible, never-stops-sucking vacuum cleaner–doesn’t work. 

11:05: Look for broom.  Remember I’m not that kind of house keeper and I don’t own a broom.  Find other means to get flour off floor.

11:30: Call husband to make him feel like this is all his fault.

11:40: Vincenzo’s after-school play date is changed to a dinner play date at our house.  Wonder if other person’s kid will eat the butternut squash lasagna I had planned on making.

11:45: Eat a pound of candy corn.

12: Pick up Vincenzo from bus stop.

12:15: Lunch (quesadillas and oranges).  Vincenzo comes out of the bathroom asking for his “wipe, flush, wash” treat and promptly spills an entire bag of rock candy in the pantry.  I tell him he can eat anything he finds on floor.  He finds some really weird stuff there.

12:45: Everyone outside to play.  A moment of Zen in the sun. 


2: Rocco takes nap.  D and I eat warm banana bread; I sneak-drink a can of orange Fanta.

2:30: Make footprint ghosts.  Read books.


3: Rocco wakes up from nap an hour early.

3:01: Watch Mighty Machines.

3:31: Snack.  I don’t remember what.  Probably Cheetos, Twinkies, and Fanta.

4: Head to store to pick up spaghetti and meatballs so that Vincenzo’s friend is not afraid to come back to our house for dinner.

5: V’s friend shows up.  Play, eat, dump out every toy in house, etc.

6:30: I sneak in a shower while Kevin does battle with the kids.  He is Bananakin Skywalker and the kids are Darth Vader and his trusty cat.

7: Put Rocco to bed.  In living room, battle rages on.

8:30: Friend goes home.

8:45: V to bed.

8:46: Me and K to bed.

3 thoughts on “Typical Day

  1. That’s funny–“D” has been Vincenzo’s nickname for years but I usually remember to write out his full name (or “V”) on my blog because no one else would know what it stands for!

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