It was Monday.

I have a decent post to put up but I’ve lost my camera download cord and without pictures what am I?  A chicken without any lipstick.  All I’ve got is a lame-ass story about how I went to pick up our new babysitter this week (we’ve only used her once) and I was so excited that I recognized her standing outside a building waving at me…


…that I turned too sharply out of my parking spot and smashed up the car next to me.


I left a note with my number and about 20 apologies on the car’s windshield and then didn’t answer the phone all day because some people get really really cranky about their cars being smashed up and I would not like to talk to one of those people.  (In fact, once when a lady hit me in the parking lot she got out of her car and yelled at me for ten minutes because I didn’t honk to let her know she was about to hit me.)

So.  Kevin finally talked to the girl later and she was really nice and kept thanking me for leaving a note.  I felt a little guilty, like maybe I wouldn’t have left a note if my brand new babysitter hadn’t been standing there watching the whole thing and then asking me if I wanted to borrow a pen and piece of paper so I could leave a note.

All I know is that babysitting has gotten REALLY expensive lately.  $12 an hour plus maybe $500 of car repairs equals maybe we’ll just stay home next time.

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