Almost funny

1. Rocco saw me and Vincenzo licking some envelopes closed.  He came running over, all excited, started picking envelopes up and licking them all over.  He was clearly excited we were finally playing a game he understood.

2. Vincenzo went to his play kitchen set, filled up a toy cup with water, then pretended to do a bunch of things to it.  He brought it up to me saying, “Here, Mom.  It’s for you.”  I took a sip and said, “Ooooo, it’s delicious.  What is it?”  He gave me a funny look and answered, “Water.”

3. Every year after Halloween I buy a couple decorations on clearance and throw them into my Halloween boxes.  I forget I’ve done it every October and it feels like someone has sent me a gift when I get down the box and see an unopened black shower curtain with a spider on it, for example—still with the price tag of $4.99.  This year’s big surprise was matching shirts for the boys (only $2.97!).


I guess in my I’m-getting-an-awesome-deal frenzy, I didn’t notice the pink label in the back of Rocco’s shirt, or the puckering going on where the sleeves are attached at the shoulders.


Who knew all it takes is a few stitches on the sleeves to transform your sweet little boy into a darling little girl?

5 thoughts on “Almost funny

  1. I got Sugar the same shirt at the end of last year, too. Now where is it? wonder if her’s is girly or not. LOL

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