More from the farm

So we go to this same farm that we visited last weekend every year, and a couple years ago we managed to snag a decent self-portrait of our family:


We thought we’d try to recreate it this year.

Attempt #1:


Attempt #2:


Attempt #3:


Either Kevin’s arms have gotten shorter or things have just gotten a little more crowded around here.  At any rate, we decided to have someone else take the picture for us instead.


In the end we decided the best way to take a family self-portrait is to get pumpkin stand-ins for all but one family member at a time.



Happy autumn-ing everyone!

One thought on “More from the farm

  1. I’d only be happy if I could see a picture of you with the pumpkins, and your hubby, too. This post is lacking something……yes….then a photo where you clone yourselves all together into one shot. Get on that, K?

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