Fall has fallen!

We went to a farm this weekend to ring in the fall.  I wanted to go to about 8 farms but my husband is a man of moderation so he siphoned all the gas out of the cars the minute we got back and I had to settle for just one.  Wanna see?

There were about 1,000 scarecrows there, but I think the only thing they were good at scaring was humans.  They ranged from creepy to bizarre.

Here is one entangled in a fence:


One impaled on a fence:


One doing something obscene to a fence:


And one who apparently had enough of the fences:


Anyway.  This is what happens when you ask 2 kids who never touch each other to give each other a hug for a picture:


And here you see Rocco’s unbridled joy on the train ride:


And in the hay pit:


And on the flying pumpkins:


And sitting on the old-fashioned tractor:


He really wears his emotions on his sleeve.  Well, his single emotion anyway.

Oh well; at least two of us had a good time!


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