Maternity Monday: Weird pregnancy

Here is a list of what’s weird when I’m pregnant:

1. I can’t STAND the smell of pasta boiling, yet I don’t even notice the smell of boiling eggs.
2. When I’m feeling nauseous, nothing settles my stomach like an egg salad sandwich.  Seriously, an EGG SALAD sandwich to cure the nausea.
3. I can’t stand the smell of my husband but would love to cuddle up with one of those tar-covered telephone poles. I’d eat one whole if I knew where to start.
4. I hate hate HATE the smell of clean dishes but am totally okay with a freshly opened can of tuna fish.
5.  Love vinegar and stinky cheeses; hate chocolate
6.  Eat tons of ketchup; can’t keep marinara down

I’ve moved on from my American cheese + Fanta diet to a Swedish Fish + root beer diet.  Sometimes late at night, I hear my teeth crying.

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