Tickle WHAT?

Vincenzo got this cute book for his birthday:


It comes with a furry glove and lots of opportunities to tickle your kid while you read.  The whole book rhymes, and I have to admit it made me worry a bit when I got to this page:

No camel or kitten, or bulldog or beagle,
No kangaroo, elephant, zebra, or eagle,
No octopus, platypus, chipmunk or toucan,
Knows how to giggle as well as you can.

With big mitts like mine, my talents are obvious.
Everyone says my TICKLING is marvelous.
Here let me prove it—holy moly kind kitties–
The next place to TICKLE is your…

Seriously.  You’d fill in the blank the same way I would, right?  In which case the book should not only come with a big fuzzy glove but also an arrest warrant.

(Just to put your mind at ease, the actual answer is “arm pitties.”  But you probably already guessed that.)


One thought on “Tickle WHAT?

  1. We have the same book and the same (inappropriate) sentence ending comes to mind every time I read it!
    Cute book, but Jack makes me put the glove away. It freaks him out.
    Glad you’re feeling better-ish btw!

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