Maternity Monday: half baked

Yup, Baby is 20 weeks now.  It seems like just yesterday he was a precious little blastocyst we were all oohing and ahhing over, and now he is already being compared to a banana.  *sniff*  They grow up so fast.

Anyway, we’ve decided to give Baby a new name in utero.  Cupid was just way too cutesy for me and I’m nauseous enough already without a nauseatingly cutesy nickname to make me actually throw up in my mouth.  The new name is…drum roll please…


Yes, it’s a real Italian name and it’s what my BIL has been calling the baby, I think to make fun of our other kids’ names, but we don’t care.  We like it.  Plus, if we can’t come up with a better name for our kid and we have to default to his in utero name on his birth certificate, we can always call him Elmo for short and have the absolute most popular kid ever in preschool.  We’ll deal with middle school when it comes.

So.  Guglielmo it is.  Please update your phones.

As for photo of bump, unobstructed…


Ugh, why do we always hate photos of ourselves so much?


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