Six. For reals.

Today is Vincenzo’s actual birthday so I let him choose anything he wanted for dinner.  He requested, “Salmon and that pasta that tastes like dog food.”  Do you think I could make things easy and just get this?

Halo Spot's Stew Natural Dry Dog Food, Adult Dog, Wild Salmon Recipe, 18-Pound Bag

Anyway, back to the Mad Scientist birthday party.  Here are pictures of the supplies we ordered from Oriental Trading that were delivered the day after the party:



The bottom picture is a vinyl backdrop, 240 square feet big, that would have made the basement extremely awesome.  I personally think it loses something in a flat two-inch square form on this blog.  No?  I justified buying it for the party as a Halloween decoration we’ll use over and over again, so we’ll keep it anyway.  I’m not saying there’s not an angry, tear-soaked letter in my future though.

And finally, a picture of Vincenzo just before extinguishing the candles with his forehead. 


Or maybe he just set fire to them simply by staring at them?  Either way, he’s pretty hard core.

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