Maternity Monday

Status: feeling a bit better…but not better like most people feel better in their pregnancies.  I wake up nauseous; I hate food all day; everything smells and every smell is a stink; spend all evening trying my hardest to hold dinner in; the heartburn has cranked it up to high.  But my attitude is better now and I list these symptoms matter-of-factly instead of whiningly.  And that makes a huge difference.  (Not a big enough difference to ask my husband to move off the couch and back into bed, but a big enough difference that I don’t make a yucky face at him when I can tell he had fried food for lunch that day.)

Anyway, wanna see the baby bump?  We celebrated Vincenzo’s 6th yesterday (Mad Scientist style) so I ended up in a few pictures.

Oops—balloon block.


Shoot, arm block.


Darn that rice vinegar.


Grrr-a head block.


Close, but wrong bump(s)


Well, maybe next time.  You’re thinking I’m pretty Hollywood for all my hidden bump pictures though, aren’t you?!

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