Things that make me go :)

1. Rocco loves to turn around things I say to him.  For example I’ll say, “Rocco put on your shoes,” and he’ll say, “Mama put on shoes.” My favorite so far is when he told me, “Mama hab cute li’l bottom.”  

2. My husband got ahold of my camera the other night.  I think Vincenzo is no longer eligible to run  for office after a series of shot like this:


3.  Rocco got a bumpy red rash mainly on his feet last week and this week the bottom of one foot is peeling.  I went on-line to find ourselves a diagnosis tonight and found a website that asked: “Do you have a rash that is red but not itchy and it affects the palms of your hands or soles of your feet?”  Yes, yes we do!  Tell us what it is, doc, and what we should do about it!

This may be syphillis.  See a doctor immediately.

5 thoughts on “Things that make me go :)

  1. I don’t know Dr. McStreamy and Dr. Johnson…V had that and this seems different. The rash was actually on the top of R’s feet, not the bottom–and it spread to his legs and stomach. Isn’t that more syphillisy than hand and footy?

  2. Actually, looks like syphillis affects the palms and soles too, so maybe it’s an entirely different STD we’re dealing with here…

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